The Shamrockers
                         When California hits England,
                      you naturally form some Irish!
You'd have to travel a long way to be further than the truth!
And the truth is something that is in short supply, but, who gives a feck!
Let the Guinness flow and give the Tullmore its Dew, there is no anglo/cultral pairing more fair suited than those wee brogue-un like fellows !
​They'll warm the cockle of your hearts, after all, who doesn't enjoy some Craic, from time to time !

Ken is very excited that 2018 will be his centenary year !
  He first stepped on stage when he was 5 years old in olde time California.
 He's been gigging extensively with all the big names, Guthrie, Cagney, Lacey, Blind Lemon Pie and Doc Marten!
 Ken knows more Irish tunes than someone who knows 12 Irish tunes!
​ Thursday you can often see him on a boat.....

John has often felt his legs.
Last Tuesday he did too.
Playing these songs has made him realise that there is a lot of good in the world.
Hearing these songs, people have said, has made them realise there is a lot of good in the world, but not necacelery this!
​Bah, people! What do they know, nowt, that's what !

Born at number 2 California street,California

Born at Number 2, England Street,

         Bugger Off !!
The Shamrockers first gig of 2018 was a blinder, leaving many in the front row very Peaky !
  Big thanks to the Black and Tan, to Chris and Stacey and their wonderful staff !
 Here's the song we ended the evening with, Bugger Off !
  No wait,  come back ! :-D
The Shamrockers Video Nasty's!
These are two tunes from our gig at The Black and Tan in downtown Augusta,ME
If you have never been, you should!
Ironically, neither tune is Irish!
The one on the left is Nova Scotian ditty called Farewell to Nova Scotia!
The one on the right is from Scotland, Mary Mac, what a beauty!
Now, did I mean your left and my right, or was it my left and your right.......